How is AI changing online marketing?

How is AI changing online marketing?

You may have heard of ChatGPT. It seems to be the new craze in the digital world. According to ChatGPT itself, it is “an AI language model developed by OpenAI, which is capable of generating human-like text based on the input it is given.” What does this mean, though?

Marketing has existed for a long time, but artificial intelligence (AI) introduces a new perspective for marketers that was previously unheard of. AI exists in every industry, but for marketing, tools like ChatGPT are game changers and have even stirred up controversy, with some critics believing that AI will replace humans in the workforce.

With ChatGPT, users input a command that is then processed by the system and generates a new response based on the information that it was fed previously. It is mainly used because of its fact-generating abilities. Still, neither AI nor ChatGPT is infallible, as mistakes have been reported in many tools that can get overwhelmed by too many commands or when asked indirect questions.

What would be the best practice regarding ChatGPT?

When thinking about AI, do you think of a future with countless possibilities in marketing or a future where everything is automated, and humans are not needed? If it’s the latter, fear not! AI is not nearly as advanced as people claim to replace humans fully. 

Tools like ChatGPT are ideal for marketers who need to develop novel ideas for their business constantly, but the software itself doesn’t work. It generates a base text that can be edited by humans. AI can process information and solve problems. Still, it is not nearly as cognizant as humans are: it can’t think for itself, feel, perceive, or even understand human emotions, rendering it useless as a replacement for humans.

We believe in human and artificial intelligence integration. Using ChatGPT correctly can bring results in minutes, making your workload and life more manageable!

If you’re considering using ChatGPT for marketing purposes, what has your experience been like so far?

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