Social Media Channels Losing Steam in 2023

Social Media Channels Losing Steam in 2023

As marketers, it’s critical to understand your target audience’s preferred social platforms. For example, if you’re marketing retirement homes, it’s best to avoid Snapchat, where just 3.7% of users are over 50.

HubSpot polled over 1,200 businesses worldwide to determine which social media platforms are gaining traction. Continue reading to discover which platforms will be the least popular with marketers and consumers in 2023.


Despite multiple acquisitions and near-revivals, Tumblr has struggled to regain its early- to mid-2000s prominence. According to the research, Tumblr is still the most popular among Millennials, yet just 11% have visited the website in the last three months.

Remarkably, Gen Z visits Tumblr at about the same 10% rate. According to Quartz, 61% of fresh Tumblr members in 2022 will be younger than 24. This raises a crucial question: is another Renaissance on the way?

While it’s too soon to tell, focus on platforms that generate higher numbers for the demographic you want to reach.


Although Twitch is the undisputed leader in live streaming, total hours seen on all major streaming platforms — including Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Live — are down this year.

Just 15% of Millennials visited Twitch in the previous three months, followed by 13% of Gen Z and 11% of Gen X.

Twitch is concerned about more than declining viewership; users are also playing less. Hours transmitted on the platform fell 16% yearly from 2021 to 2022.

One issue remains: which social media marketing methods are ideal for you? Should you stick to established networks like Facebook and YouTube or venture into uncharted territory like TikTok?

Finally, your choice should be based on one critical factor: your target audience. Placing your audience at the heart of your social media strategy entails prioritizing the channels that will best reach them.

Also, keep in mind that social media marketing is all about experimenting. There’s no need to commit to one platform for the rest of your life; doing side experiments on multiple platforms to see what results you obtain may be beneficial.

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