Facebook Tests AI Generated Stories Based on Your Previously Shared Images

Facebook Tests AI Generated Stories Based on Your Previously Shared Images

Facebook is still looking for new methods to persuade users to submit to Stories, this time using a new, automated Stories generating process that employs picture recognition AI to produce new Stories from your shared material.

As described by Facebook:

“Allow Facebook to suggest high-quality, ready-made stories for you using advanced photo and video data, including image quality, location, the presence of people or animals.”

The process will create Stories from photographs you’ve supplied to the app, utilizing theme matching to give templated frames that you can subsequently share with your audience.

Which feels unnatural – but if it were available to business pages, it may be a useful tool for marketers to help develop batch material and promote certain goods or themes in a reminder post.

You might imagine that some frequent users may be eager to show off newborn images, wedding photos, or a Story about a favorite pet.

There’s promise there, and based on the popularity of Facebook’s Memories feature, there’s certainly a degree of add-on engagement to be gained from tools like these, even if they do feel a little artificial in nature.

Both Facebook and Instagram have been attempting to better fit with behavioral trends toward Stories and private messaging, with Meta’s research indicating that users are now uploading significantly less original material to the news feed than in the past.

People are still consuming information in the main feed, and Meta’s increasing AI suggestions are assisting in keeping people reading for longer, but Meta must also guarantee that customers continue to derive actual value from their in-app experience.

And for Facebook, they benefit from interacting via their relatives and close friends through their preexisting social graph, which other applications cannot mimic.

Years of anxiousness and separation on social platforms made people wary of sharing in public, thus explaining why this activity is shifting to DMs, although Stories remain an engaging part, with the short-term nature of the structure likely holding a higher appeal compared to posting to your profile and having it keep there forever (or until you delete it).

As a result, Meta is striving to develop more tools to support this, whilst its new DM features including Channels and Notes for Instagram also contribute to this drive.

Maybe it’ll help to maintain that human interaction, or maybe people won’t care about automatic Stories and it’ll go away.

In any case, it’s probably worth a go.

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